The geopolitics program aims to promote public discourse and take concrete action on issues of geopolitics, international politics and strategy, through studies, discussions, forums and national and regional events. Under the state of an unpredictable international order and in a continuous flow, it is necessary for the Albanian world to unite a community of strategic thinking that would provide clarity in terms of national interest and facilitate the projecting of the position of Albanians in the region and beyond. 

Politics & Law

The program of politics and law aims at ‘ideologizing’ the public space by offering approaches, analyses, projections that are based on a conservative understanding of politics and law. We will put at the center of ‘Sami Frashëri’ thought and action the promotion of the principles of free enterprise, limited government, belief in God and the ‘rediscovery’ of Albanian traditional values.   

Family & Religion

Family and religious belief are two twin pillars inseparable from the traditional organization of human society that simultaneously constitute the alpha and omega of conservative policies. A series of ideas and movements associated with the so-called 'postmodernism', are designed as an antithesis of the traditional model of social organization that at its core contains the family and God. We see the promotion of a movement that relies heavily on these two elements as necessary to counter the hegemonic ‘postmodern’ narrative. 

Market & Enterprise

Albania suffers from endemic poverty and uneven and unbalanced economic development. ‘Sami Frashëri’ will serve as a forum for fostering debate on economic development policies based on free enterprise as a basic precondition for a prosperous society.


Due to historical circumstances, the Albanian diaspora is numerically larger than the Albanians living in their autochthonous lands in several states in the Balkans. Under such circumstances, the diaspora is a strategic asset and advantage for Albanians. However, the attitude of Albanian governments towards the diaspora has been indifferent and mostly opportunistic. Despite partial initiatives, an integration program of the Albanian diaspora (in West and East) in function of their well-being and the Albanian national interest, appears necessary. ‘Sami Frashëri’ will try by all means to raise awareness about the importance of the diaspora and serve as an open interactive forum with them and for them!


Education is a prerequisite for a developed society, yet it often does not receive the proper political attention. The education system in Albania has not developed in line with expectations and in many respects has regressed. This program aims to promote research on issues related to education in Albania, the Albanian world and the entire Balkan region. ISP ‘Sami Frashëri’ has among its basic priorities the drafting and lobbying of conservative policies in the field of education.