1. Public Speaking & Speech Writing

Communication has always been one of the basic characteristics of human society. Today, effective communication is a prerequisite for your professional development because the essence is not what you say, but what others hear. Mastering public speaking and writing techniques to make speeches compelling, understandable and memorable is therefore essential.

In this course we follow a more systematic approach, focusing on the form and content of speech. We help you how to structure ideas, facts, arguments into a logical and compelling story telling using a narrative structure. This course covers the basics of speech writing, organization, argumentation and language. Within three weeks of intensive training you will be able to write and give memorable speeches!

2. Research & Publication

A comprehensive program that spans the entire search cycle. From research to publication it goes through raising a problem, choosing the research question / s, selecting the research method and model, processing the data, writing the report / article and publishing it. If you have not taken a university course in scientific research methods, this intensive three-week course gives you the opportunity to approach issues from a scientific point of view.  

3. Geopolitics & Strategic Thinking

Geopolitics is a systematic way of thinking about the effects of geography on politics and human behavior. Its premise is that the immutable characteristics of the physical world in which we live constrain human behavior and interactions. In this view, geography has a decisive influence on the interests and actions of nations and peoples. This intensive three-week course will enable you to think strategically in terms of geographical constraints.

4. Advanced School of Applied Technology

The Advanced School of Applied Technology is a pilot project of the Sami Frashëri Institute, to be involved in creating a community of 'thinkers' and digital technicians due to digital transformation of society. is addressing the extreme shortage of technology professionals in Albania and beyond by offering accelerated career programs consisting of education and paid work experience. Our mission is to train new technology professionals to strengthen the talent group of the future. The cost burden of our career programs is shared between the beneficiaries of the training and our network of companies that employ our students as well as charitable businesses that want to help raising a community of qualified coders.

Software Development Training - 3 months

Enables 25-30 individuals to study full-time software development for 3 months. Our instructors are some of the most respected developers. Learning code theory is just the basics, our instructors will train you on how to work in a team in real life and how to provide work software for technology companies during your training.


Once you have successfully completed the 3-month training program we know you are ready to start your career as a software developer. We are so confident that we are offering you a job, guaranteed, once you have finished your training.