The mission of the Institute of Political Studies “Sami Frasheri,” founded in 2021 as a civic initiative of a group of scholars and public polemists open to all like-minded people, is to foster critical thinking and evidence-based decision-making, engaging with a broad spectrum of stakeholders including policymakers, academia, and the general public, and publishing insightful research findings and policy recommendations to inform and empower an engaged citizenry.

It is named after Sami Frasheri, an Albanian renaissance writer, polyglot and civic activist. The organization’s main focus is the promotion of democratic governance, civic participation, government accountability, the rule of law and human rights through civic participation, research, education and publication. The main areas of activity are:

Research: Conduct high-quality research on political science, international relations, and related fields in Albania, with a focus on democratic governance, civic participation, government accountability, the rule of law, and human rights.

Education: Develop and deliver educational programs and resources that promote critical thinking and evidence-based decision-making among policymakers, academics, and the broader public.

Public engagement: Engage with policymakers, civil society organizations, media, and the public to promote informed and engaged citizenry, and to foster greater understanding and cooperation among different sectors of society.

Publication: Publish and disseminate research findings, educational materials, and policy recommendations to a wide audience, including policymakers, academics, civil society organizations, and the public.