“Sami Frasheri” hosts 25th Symposium of the International Committee for Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman Studies (CIÉPO)

“Sami Frasheri” hosts 25th Symposium of the International Committee for Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman Studies (CIÉPO)

The 25th Symposium of the International Committee for Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman Studies (CIÉPO) is set to take place in Tirana, Albania, from June 21st to June 25th, 2024, hosted by Sami Frasheri Institute and Europenan University of Tirana. This marks a historic occasion as it is the first time the CIÉPO Symposium will be hosted in Albania since its inception in 1974 in Naples, Italy. Organized by the Sami Frashëri Institute in cooperation with the European University of Tirana, the event underscores the growing significance of Albania in the global academic community and highlights the country’s rich historical connection to Ottoman studies.

Academic Importance

The CIÉPO Symposium is a pivotal event in the field of Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman studies, offering a platform for scholars to present cutting-edge research, engage in scientific discussions, and enhance cultural and historical understanding of the Ottoman era. Since its establishment, the symposium has facilitated interdisciplinary collaboration and contributed significantly to the advancement of knowledge in the field. The biennial gatherings have become renowned for their role in fostering scholarly dialogue and exploring the multifaceted history of the Ottoman Empire.

Global Participation

This year’s symposium is expected to welcome more than 200 distinguished scholars from over 30 countries, including participants from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge, and Oxford. The selection process was highly competitive, with over 370 scholars applying to participate, underscoring the event’s prestige and the widespread academic interest in Ottoman studies. The symposium’s international nature highlights the global commitment to and the scholarly importance of this field of study.

Significance of Hosting in Tirana

Hosting the 25th CIÉPO Symposium in Tirana is a momentous event for Albania. It highlights the country’s growing role in international academic circles and its contributions to the field of Ottoman studies. The symposium provides a unique opportunity to spotlight Albania’s historical connections to the Ottoman Empire and enrich the local academic landscape. Furthermore, it fosters international collaboration and offers Albanian scholars a platform to engage with global discussions on Ottoman history.

The 25th CIÉPO Symposium in Tirana represents a landmark event in the academic calendar for Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman studies. It promises to be an enriching assembly of minds and ideas, furthering our understanding of one of history’s most influential empires. The symposium will foster scholarly exchange, promote interdisciplinary research, and enhance the global academic community’s appreciation of Ottoman history. This historic gathering is set to contribute significantly to the intellectual and cultural enrichment of the field, and the support of donors will play a crucial role in its success.


The International Committee for Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman Studies (CIÉPO) is a prominent academic institution dedicated to the study of historical periods preceding and including the Ottoman era. Founded in 1974, CIÉPO aims to support, coordinate, and disseminate research across various disciplines within the humanistic sciences, including history, philosophy, the history of religion, literature, and ethnology, all related to Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman contexts.

CIÉPO is committed to inclusivity, welcoming scholars from diverse national backgrounds based on their scholarly contributions. This principle fosters rich, interdisciplinary dialogue among researchers and enhances the collective understanding of Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman histories. Membership in CIÉPO requires active engagement in the organization’s symposia, emphasizing the value placed on direct scholarly exchange and contribution to the field.

The biennial symposia organized by CIÉPO are pivotal events in the academic calendar for scholars interested in Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman studies. These gatherings serve as platforms for presenting research findings, discussing theoretical and methodological issues, and forging collaborative relationships among scholars. Since the inaugural symposium in Naples in 1974, these events have been instrumental in advancing the field, marking significant milestones in the dissemination of knowledge and scholarly debate.

The trajectory from the first symposium in Naples to the upcoming one in Tirana in 2024 underscores the growth and evolving scope of CIÉPO’s activities over fifty years. This progression reflects CIÉPO’s adaptability to new academic challenges and its ongoing commitment to enriching the field of Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman studies. Through these symposia, CIÉPO has not only facilitated the exchange of ideas but also contributed to shaping the academic discourse on these historical periods, underscoring the organization’s enduring impact on the study of Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman histories.

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