Sami Frashëri’s Executive Director Discusses OSCE Summit Amid Tensions with Russia

During a recent appearance on the 13:00 news diary on A2 CNN, Mentor Beqa, the Executive Director of the Institute “Sami Frashëri” and a lecturer in International Relations, shared his insights on the OSCE summit that took place in Skopje. The summit occurred amidst escalating tensions between the West and Russia, primarily due to Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine, putting the organization on the verge of fragmentation.

Beqa’s commentary highlighted the palpable tension and conflict characterizing the summit, noting the challenges in achieving consensus within such a charged atmosphere. His analysis sheds light on the complexities of maintaining unity and constructive dialogue within international organizations during times of geopolitical strife.

For those interested in understanding the intricate dynamics at play during the OSCE summit and its implications for international relations, Beqa’s discussion provides a critical perspective.

Follow the conversation here.

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