Dr. Mentor Beqa Discusses Israel-Palestine Conflict on ‘Opinion’ Show, TV Klan

Dr. Mentor Beqa, the Executive Director of the “Sami Frasheri” Institute, made a significant appearance on TV Klan’s ‘Opinion,’ one of Albania’s most prestigious television shows, to discuss the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza.

Key Points from the Discussion:

During the show, Dr. Beqa provided an insightful analysis of the complex dynamics of the Israel-Palestine conflict, focusing on the latest escalation in Gaza. He explored the historical context of the conflict, the triggers for the recent escalation, and the implications for both regional stability and international relations.

Dr. Beqa emphasized the humanitarian aspects of the conflict, highlighting the devastating impact on civilians caught in the crossfire. He called for a renewed focus on diplomatic efforts to bring about a sustainable resolution to the conflict, stressing the importance of international mediation and support.

Audience Engagement:

The discussion prompted a significant response from viewers, who engaged with the topic through social media and live call-ins. Many expressed concern over the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the need for a peaceful solution to the longstanding conflict.


Dr. Beqa’s appearance on ‘Opinion’ shed light on the critical issues at the heart of the Israel-Palestine conflict. His expert analysis contributed to a deeper understanding of the situation among the Albanian audience and underscored the urgency of seeking peaceful resolutions.

Follow the full conversation in the link below to gain more insights into Dr. Beqa’s perspectives on the Israel-Palestine conflict: Watch Here

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